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building arm boot floppies - python error in dbootstrap/lang

The arm boot-floppies building saga continues.

Having updated from cvs I am now past the LC problems reported. And then I
got some python complaints, but after installing task-python-dev (except for
2 bits (gdb and python-gimp) which aren't compiled for potato arm) I get a
bit further. Now, when I do make release - When it gets to
boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/langs dir it compiles iconv.so OK and then

 ./ver2.py 0 i386 langs.xml
(I'm suspicous about that i386, but replacing it with 'arm' doesn't
affect the error and it does seem to have been deliberately overridden- what
is this about?) The result is;
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "./ver2.py", line 30, in ?
    from dumper import dumper
  File "./dumper.py" line 23, in ?
    from iconv import engine
ImportError: ./iconv.so: R_ARM_PC24 relocation out of range

This may be an arm-specific problem (I've asked a guru about that), but maybe
not. What is actually going on in this dir? Can I in fact do this part of the
compile on an i386 box in order to get going? (I tried but got another error,
probably due to mixing arm and i386 files - <sigh>). Can I just skip this
stuff as yet more language-specifc jiggery-pokery that I almost certanly
don't need?

I only need english for this release, and I'm getting to be in a real hurry
now. I just want to make some basic boot floppies so I can fix a bug in the
previous release (done a couple of months ago). Is it possible to just forget
some of this stuff and still get bf built?

Should I perhaps revert to some previous known-working release (if someone
told me the CVS runes I'd be grateful...)?

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