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Re: compact flavor definately messed

On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 02:30:13PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>   pcmcia-modules-2.2.17-compact_3.1.20-2+Custom.1.00_i386.deb
>   pcmcia-modules-2.2.17-ide_3.1.20-2k1_i386.deb
>   pcmcia-modules-2.2.17-idepci_3.1.20-2+Custom.1.00_i386.deb
>   pcmcia-modules-2.2.17_3.1.20-2k1_i386.deb
> Unfortunately, even these don't work --
> pcmcia-modules-2.2.17-compact_3.1.20-2+Custom.1.00_i386.deb at least
> is bad. 

Yep, the Custom.1.00 looks dodgy.

> Is there anyone that has a set for me?  Should I remake pcmcia modules
> for compact based on kernel-image-2.2.17-{idepci,compact} ?

I think if you need something immediately, you'll have to rebuild the
pcmcia modules for idepci and compact.
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