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Re: 3ware driver in 2.2.17 distribution]

Thing is that the driver included in the kernel source says it's 1.1, and 3ware doesn't claim to have gotten their driver to that level yet, which is odd. Their
most recent version is 1.0.002something... 

So onto my other question...
Is there anyway to create an installation kernel just like the distro one but with an kernel built with their latest, supported, driver? Basically I need a modified rescue.bin if I'm not mistaken..

Are there any instructions for how to do such a thing?

Thanks for you help. I've been installing and testing things all day
to no avail.

This is what I'm getting in my /var/log/messages that leads me to suspect that this driver that comes with the 2.2.17 kernel is problematic. I'm also talking with one of 3ware's developers about this problem. I want them to be able to support Debian, like they should.

-thanks again.

Nov 15 21:18:16 franny 3w-xxxx[2474]: Initialization started on unit 0 on contro
ller ID:0. (0xc)
Nov 15 21:30:56 franny 3w-xxxx[2474]: Rebuild failed on unit 0 on controller ID:
0. (0x4)
Nov 15 21:44:01 franny kernel: 3w-xxxx: Unknown ioctl 0x1d.
Nov 15 21:44:31 franny last message repeated 5 times

Adam Di Carlo in message Re: 3ware driver in 2.2.17 distribution (Tue, 11/14 18:19):

> Lindsey Simon <lsimon@auschron.com> writes:
> > I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help me with weirdnesses I'm having with the
> > compiled in 3-ware 3w-xxxx driver that comes with the potato release. I'm having trouble with
> > the arrays not actually getting their information written properly to the drive and when I
> > contact 3ware, they only can say that the latest driver is not a 1.1 but a 1.002.blahh.. So
> > I'm wondering if anyone knows what version of the 3ware driver is compiled into the debian
> > 2.2.17 kernel and if there's anyway to modify this driver and creating installation media
> > that will use the latest driver. I'm having a hell of a lot of trouble with the 3ware support
> > staff. 
> I dunno, get the kernel-source package (or track down the tarball) and
> see for yourself.
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