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Re: busybox in woody (was Re: first weekly debian-installer status report)

Please don't email me directly and not CC the list.  Most of the
actual work is done by folks who are *not* me.

Matt Rose <mattrose@folkwolf.net> writes:

> 	I'm sorry, I may be WAY off here,I haven't been watching the list
> too closely lately, what exactly is busybox being used for? 

Lots of stuff on the root filesystem (root disk).

> The initial
> boot-floppy?

Yes, I guess, but that's rather imprecise terminology.

> I could probably hack something together that would work.

Could work for what?

> I think I have to fire up cvs and take a look.  Unfortunately I
> don't actually have any floppy drives installed on any devel
> machines right now, so I can't do extensive testing, but I'd love to
> help.

Try vmware or something similar.

> From the description you give me, we could use a system like
> FreeBSD has, and have busybox as the default root shell An easier
> way in linux is to have the root shell passed as a LILO argument,
> this is possible IIRC.  That way all the init scripts will run with
> a shell that you like, with parameters that can be preset.  I have
> sash setup on my server as the default root shell in case I ever
> hose my libs.  It works well.

What is the point of all this?  What are you trying to accomplish.

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