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Re: Setting up a debian archive

Thanks Karl for your very detailed reply! :)

I have a modem, and only want to cache what I have already dl'd.

I was finally told of apt-move.

"you can use apt-move to make a structured archive from the deb files in
generate Packages.gz files
look in /usr/doc/apt-move"

That sounds like what I want to do.

Thanks again.

Karl Hammar wrote:
> Just get all files from some ftp mirror, from the debian directory and down,
> and copy them to your harddisk. You'll need some 10-20GB for that.
> But if you just want to do new i386 installs with the stable
> release (potato) you can skip the following directories (assuming you are
> standing in the debian directory):
> That will leave you with, hmm:
> about 6000 files (plus links and directories) and less than 3GB disk space.
> A little to much to download from the internet unless you have a very good
> connection. But easily handled with CD-roms or tapes. If you take
> the officially released i386 cd's and simply copy their contents to a
> directory named debian somewhere on your disk, you'll be set.
> If you don't want the complete i386 (or other arch) thing, well then I
> cannot help you.
> Regards,
> /Karl

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