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busybox in woody (was Re: first weekly debian-installer status report)

Erik Andersen <andersen@codepoet.org> writes:

> On Wed Nov 01, 2000 at 08:11:52PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> > 	- busybox integration [Erik Anderson?]
> > 		Not started. Busybox needs to build one or more .udebs. 
> > 		Probably more than one.
> I claim this one.  (btw, it is "Andersen" not "Anderson" :-).  When the new
> dpkg-dev arrives, I will get an initial set of .udebs uploaded within a day or
> by Tuesday -- whichever comes later.

Ok -- now, what is the plan for busybox/boot-floppies/woody ?  

Is there one?

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