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Re: [patch] powerpc dbootstrap documentation.

This part of your patch cannot be applied because it is an unresolved
CVS conflict.  Please clean this up and resend, and we shall apply.

BTW, if you like, I can give you CVS write access.

> +<<<<<<< dbootstrap.sgml
> +Your disk should now be bootable.  OpenFirmware's settings should also
> +be set to boot &debian, see the ybin documentation for info on setting
> +up a boot menu if desired.
> +=======
>  Your disk should now be bootable.  On G4 machines and iBooks, you can
>  hold down the option key and get a graphical screen with a button for
>  each bootable OS, &debian; will be a button with a penguin icon.  For
> @@ -794,6 +797,7 @@
>  Reseting OpenFirmware on G3 or G4 hardware will cause it to boot
>  &debian; by default. (If you have a SCSI disk this may not work and you
>  will have to enter OpenFirmware and set the boot device yourself).
> +>>>>>>> 1.44

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