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Re: first weekly debian-installer status report

Joey Hess wrote:
> > >        - retreiver control program [UNCLAIMED]
> There are several parts to this, and it probably needs some more thought. The 
> obvious part is it has to be able to parse Packages files and cause a subset of 
> the packages listed to be downloaded and installed. The non-obvious bit is it 
> may not want to install all the packages in a Packages file, (and how will it 
> know which ones to install?), and it may need to do ordering of packages to 
> ensure dependancies are met (depending on whether udpkg does that or not). There are
> also interesting questions like what does it do if two retreivers are
> available, retreive all the udebs from both?

Reading back through walkthrough.txt, I find I considered some of these
issues before. It's not as hard as I was making out, though there are
still some unknown bits. It will unpack (not install) all available
modules. If two retreivers are available, it prompts the user to pick
one (actually, main-menu is supposed to do this; that is the one part of
it I haven't imepleneted yet). I guess the user should be able to go
back and pick the other retreiver if they want to use both. Package
ordering should not be necessary, that is handled (oddly enough) by

see shy jo

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