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Re: busybox in main

I would respond to this point by point but it probably suffices to say
that we have discussed with James how the debian-installer packages can
fit into the archive, and once the new package pool stuff moves into
place James is pretty sure it will be easy to do and has committed to
doing it.

The binary packages (installer modules) will not be going into
the main/binary-foo directories, and will not be in the Packages files or
anything, so we are going to feel free to ignore policy in them, much as
we would feel free to ignore policy if we had decided to use the RPM
package format as the *internal module format* of the debian installer.

And sometimes I think that would have been easier. Sheesh.

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> On 20001018T104910-0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> > Before packaging it up, I asked on debian-boot if policy
> > compliance was required for this package, or if it should only contain the
> > binaries.  In that discussion, we made the decision that installer specific
> > packages do not need to be policy compliant.  This decision was made by Joey
> > Hess, project leader for the woody debian-installer.
> Oh, I was not aware that Joey is the current policy czar.
> (For the record, we don't have policy czars anymore.)
> > Until I am informed by
> > the woody debian-installer project leader that something else has been decided,
> > I will continue to assuming that we are merely waiting for the archive to be
> > updated to support debian-installer specific packaged with a new "installer"
> > section.
> You are actually waiting for a decision to be made.  The debian-installer
> project leader does not have the authority to decide these things -
> what you are suggesting requires a consensus among Debian developers at
> minimum (ie. a flamewar on -devel) and possibly a Debian Policy change
> (which requires certain hoops to be jumped through on the -policy list).
> It definitely *cannot* be decided by the install system team alone.
> (Which is, BTW, a point I already made those months ago in my reject
> message.)
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