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Re: busybox in main

On 20001018T104910-0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> Before packaging it up, I asked on debian-boot if policy
> compliance was required for this package, or if it should only contain the
> binaries.  In that discussion, we made the decision that installer specific
> packages do not need to be policy compliant.  This decision was made by Joey
> Hess, project leader for the woody debian-installer.

Oh, I was not aware that Joey is the current policy czar.

(For the record, we don't have policy czars anymore.)

> Until I am informed by
> the woody debian-installer project leader that something else has been decided,
> I will continue to assuming that we are merely waiting for the archive to be
> updated to support debian-installer specific packaged with a new "installer"
> section.

You are actually waiting for a decision to be made.  The debian-installer
project leader does not have the authority to decide these things -
what you are suggesting requires a consensus among Debian developers at
minimum (ie. a flamewar on -devel) and possibly a Debian Policy change
(which requires certain hoops to be jumped through on the -policy list).
It definitely *cannot* be decided by the install system team alone.
(Which is, BTW, a point I already made those months ago in my reject

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