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Re: Alternative root filesystem support

Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au> writes:

> "Karl M. Hegbloom" wrote:
> > 
> > >>>>> "Goswin" == Goswin Brederlow <goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:
> > 
> >     Goswin> Hartmut Koptein <koptein@debian.org> writes:
> >     >> > Let's add one more bullet point for the new installer--namely,
> >     >> > alternative root filesystem support.  I and my colleagues would just
> >     >> > love to see ReiserFS support in woody's installer.
> >     >>
> >     >> Why reiserfs?  reiserfs is the bad guy, it doesen't support other
> >     >> architectures then intel and only the 32 bit part.
> > 
> >     Goswin> Doesn't reiser also have problems with raid and lvm?
> > 
> >  I spoke with a guy the other night who says he set up a reiserfs on a
> >  raid with lvm, iirc.  I'll try and have him put in here, if I can
> >  find his email and Cc him...
> > 
> >  Hey, Anthony?  What can you tell us about this?  Do you really know
> >  how to set up Reiserfs on RAID with lvm?

raid and lvm are different storries, although lvm can do striping.
I think reiser only had problems with raid5.

> For the woody installer it shouldnt be too difficult to handle reiser,
> lvm, raid, partition resizing etc.

A lot of places to change for the current dbootstrap. Trust me I
hunted them all down to get devfs working.

> As long as we have access to the module (or package) archive prior to
> creating the root filesystem we download whats required to make a raid
> partition, or reiserfs, and run it through a debconf menu to control its
> functionality.
> One possible problem is that the modules we have the more demanding we
> will be on ram size as its all in ramdisk.

Anyone who wants raid/lvm/other fancy stuff on his root partition
should have a bit more ram than lowmem users. Also note that lvm on 7
is not possible without initrd tricks (which is rather stupid of lvm).

> An alternative to the everything in ramdisk idea would be to setup a
> loopfs somewhere on a local disk. This would complicate partitioning as
> we would have to check and maybe move the loop filesystem to another
> partition if the loopf is residing on the partition to be worked on.

If all else fails, take some out of swap.
Is ramfs swapable? If so, just use that.


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