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Cannot detect hard disk (hda)

Package: Debian
Version: 2.2 rev 0

Sorry. I think I may have sent two other emails with no contents. Still getting to grips with this hotmail. Anyway, I tried installing
Linux using

  debian: binary_i386_1_nonus.iso
  version 2.2 rev 0 "potato"

on my computer(Architechture i386), which has a Asus A7V motherboard, IBM 40GV hard drive connected to the Primary ATA100 channel, Teac CD540E 40x CDROM drive connected to the Secondary IDE channel, 128 MB RAM PC133, network card: RJ45 10 Mbps Ethernet card and NO SCSI adapters.

After copying the binary files to the CDROM (3 altogether for binary_i386_1_nonus.iso, binary_i386_2.iso and binary_i38r_3.iso) I booted the computer from the CDROM. It starts fine but later reports :

 hda: no response (status=0xa1), resetting drive

and finally it reaches the welcome menu. I can configure the keyboard but cannot do anything else since it has not detected my hard disk. How can I make it detect my hard disk?

 Thanks for your help and time.

Best regards,
Bee Leong

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