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Re: PCI autodetection

Will Lowe <harpo@thebackrow.net> writes:

> I've put together (from pciutils and Redhat's anaconda) a small program
> that asks the kernel about devices on the PCI bus and loads (or lists )the
> needed driver modules.  This hopefully enables NIC autodetection for
> anyone who's using a PCI nic.
> You can grab the current version of the code from (please read the README)
> http://openrock.net/~lowe/pcidetect/
> I'm in the midst of building a patch against boot-floppies that will run
> the autoprober first by default and then allow users to manually configure
> additional modules; hopefully I'll be done with that in the next day or
> two.

For boot-floppies for Potato?   I am not sure we'd be allowed to add
this sort of change to potato -- anaconda isn't included in Potato.

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