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Bug#72246: boot-floppies: Using 2.2.16 (2.2r0) sets hostname to the short hostname, rather than fqdn

Adam Di Carlo writes:
 > Jeff Sheinberg <jeffsh@erols.com> writes:
 > > I recently did a clean install using boot floppies 2.2.16, ie,
 > > same as 2.2r0.  When the network was being configured, I entered
 > > the hostname as `eden-hda7', and the domain as `my.local'.
 > > 
 > > After I re-booted, and completed the install, I noticed that the
 > > hostname was incorrect.  What is strange is that the hosts,
 > > mailname and resolv.conf files were setup correctly, while the
 > > hostname file was not.
 > But it looks ok to me.  On my box, /etc/hostname is 'arroz', not my
 > FQDN.
 > Why do you think it should be the full FQDN?

Because I use the posix `uname -n' command to obtain the hostname
in various scripts that need to be as portable as possible.  Posix
doesn't mention the `hostname' command at all (well susv2 doesn't,
I don't have US$ for the real posix docs).

Why do you think that the short name is the correct default?

Actually, it was the element of surprise that motivated me to
submit the bug report.  Maybe we really need to explicitly give
the user a choice at install time.

Jeff Sheinberg  <jeffsh@erols.com>

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