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Bug#72246: boot-floppies: Using 2.2.16 (2.2r0) sets hostname to the short hostname, rather than fqdn

On Sat, Sep 30, 2000 at 01:41:26PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > I recently did a clean install using boot floppies 2.2.16, ie,
> > same as 2.2r0.  When the network was being configured, I entered
> > the hostname as `eden-hda7', and the domain as `my.local'.
> > 
> > After I re-booted, and completed the install, I noticed that the
> > hostname was incorrect.  What is strange is that the hosts,
> > mailname and resolv.conf files were setup correctly, while the
> > hostname file was not.
> But it looks ok to me.  On my box, /etc/hostname is 'arroz', not my
> Why do you think it should be the full FQDN?

BTW on related note:

After a fresh potato installation the other day, the name I gave to the
installation system was linked to, i.e. localhost:       nevkos localhost

However, I wanted to give it a real address, like in slink installation, but
there was no such dialog box.

Anyway, after I set up /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/hosts manually,
resolving the domain name wouldn't work, because my /etc/hosts had this:       nevkos  localhost    nevkos.gkvk.hr  nevkos

The resolver didn't notice the second entry at all, just the first one.

The fix is rather obvious, just s/nevkos// in the first line -- but the
installation system could be a bit smarter when it comes to this, i.e. it
should ask the user if he's connected to network etc...

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