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[Mark Blunier <blunier@ocslink.com>] Re: Creation of 2.88MB Boot Images, Auto-Install Comments

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> >     2. How does one create (under Linux) a 2.88MB boot image suitable
> >        for use with an El Torito format bootable CD?  The last time
> >        I did this I used a Windows utility.  I figure this might be
> >        answered if I found the answer to number 1...

This is what I've used.

# Make a 2.88 Meg image
echo "Making the 2.88 Meg image"
dd if=/dev/zero of=$TMP/livecd/floppyimage bs=1024 count=2880
mformat -t 80 -h 2 -s 36 x:
syslinux -s $TMP/livecd/floppyimage
mount -o loop -t msdos  $TMP/livecd/floppyimage $TMP/livecd/floppymount
cp $SCRIPTS/linux $TMP/livecd/floppymount
cp $TMP/livecd/syslinux.cfg $TMP/livecd/floppymount
cp $SCRIPTS/syslinux.dpy $TMP/livecd/floppymount
cp $SCRIPTS/syslinux.f1 $TMP/livecd/floppymount
cp $SCRIPTS/syslinux.f2 $TMP/livecd/floppymount
cp $TMP/livecd/rootfs.gz $TMP/livecd/floppymount
umount $TMP/livecd/floppyimage
cp $TMP/livecd/floppyimage $SRC/boot.image


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