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Re: Failing to be of help with boot floppies

On 29 Sep 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> > If you accept the default by pressing enter, you are presented
> > with yet another useless screen called "Select Debian Archives Path" which
> > provides 3 options to choose from: the default path, a list of paths, and
> > manually. Choosing "defaults" starts the actuall installation process
> > going. Choosing "list" produces yet another screen with all the possible
> > sources listed, and "manually" adds yet another screen where you get to
> > put the actual path to your location.
> If you boot with the 'quiet' argument, this step is skipped and we
> just run with 'default' (if it can find that).
> > "Choose Debian Archive Path" and "Select Debian Archives Path" are both
> > redundant, confusing, and unnecessary.
> Well, in the official cd rom case, yes.  In the other cases,
> confusing, yes, maybe even redundant, but not unnecessary.

In other words, there may be a "necessary redundancy"?  

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