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Re: poweredge 2400 and installing debian.

> "Ries van Twisk" <ries@franksintl.nl> writes:
> > Hai,
> > 
> > I'm currently in the progress of booting and installing Debian 2.2
> > on a poweredge 2400 with a Raid 5 perc raid controller (also  known
> > asmegaraid?).
> Are you sure this isn't supported in the 'compact' set?  Actually, it
> is there, as a module...
I'll check this later next week. I did check the 2.2.17 kernel for the 
aacraid driver but they just aren't there. I could find them in the 
2.2.16 kernel. Currently the server is running with the 2.2.16 kernel 
and the aacraid raid controller. 

So I did need to compile my own kernel but the 2.2.17 did not 
contain the aacraid driver. Since I downloaded the 2.2.17 kernel 
which comes with debian I was at the wrong track... Also from the 
dell side I could't find a clue which driver to use. One of the other list 
members pointed out that it was the aacraid driver.

To be final. Everything works fine now :-)


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