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Re: poweredge 2400 and installing debian.

"Ries van Twisk" <ries@franksintl.nl> writes:

> Hai,
> I'm currently in the progress of booting and installing Debian 2.2 on 
> a poweredge 2400 with a Raid 5 perc raid controller (also  known 
> asmegaraid?).

Are you sure this isn't supported in the 'compact' set?  Actually, it
is there, as a module...

> I compiled my own kernel, made a module version and a static 
> version. I used the package boot-floppies to create my own boot 
> disk set. I downloaded the iso image of Debian 2.2, burnd a CD and 
> booted from there. Just nothing.... :-( No HD and I could 'insmod' 
> the megaraid driver. (Lot's of error starting with 
> 'free_irq_Rsmp_f20dabd8' unresolved symbel.
> Any clues?

Hmm... are the following set on your kernel:


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