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Re: boot problems

Sorry for the late reply.

butler@tcainternet.com writes:

> Never the less after that I decided to go ahead and install Debian.
> First problem was that I could not boot my machine from the CD rom.
> I tried to fix that by getting a rescue floppy and root floppy from the 
> Debian CD.  The install seem to go ok until I tried to partition the 
> Linux partition.  It first complained that I had no swap partition.  

Well, even so, you don't really need a swap partition unless you have
very very little ram.

> When I assigned one of the two partitons as a swap partition it 
> seemed to do it ok, but then when I looked at the partition table it 
> showed that I had almost 2 gig no longer available.  I then tried to 
> just use the 800 meg or so that I had left and the install went forward 
> it seem but finally hung when the boot disk showed the 
> uncompressing Linux message.  So, at the moment I am trying to 
> figure out what to do to fix the mess I have made. 

sounds like a fudged partition table, vaguely, to me.

> In the meantime I have ordered a dual boot machine from Pogo Linux
> realizing that my machine is just to far behind the curve (P 120) .

Oh, I run Debian on crappier machines than that.

> Also I am getting a upgrade for the motherboard on the old machine
> to get that ball rolling and wondering if I will have reformat the
> disk and reinstall wind98 and try to install Linux again.

Yes, repartitioning is probably the ticket.

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