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Re: installation

Lee A Janssen <Ljanssen@math.uiuc.edu> writes:

> system hangs after network setup . . . I enter the DNS (last step),
> tab to OK, press enter, then blue screen with one black (blank) line
> on the bottom and a white mouse curser somewhere . . . no response,
> dead in the water . . .

Use 'ifconfig' , 'route', and 'ping' on tty2 to try to track this

> I tried skipping this step, but then the
> reboot gives me: eth0 unknown device . . . . . I should point out
> that the 2 smc cards are recognized by the boot from the rescue
> disk, and are ascribed the appropriate tulip drivers . . . I am also
> on a cable modem connected to eth0 (works fine with RedHat :-) )

Oh, that's just a question of setting your cable modem to be the
gateway to your network.

> . . . not that I like RedHat; why do you think I'm trying to install
> debian . . . but I'm dead in the water . . . . .  also, when I
> attempt to reboot using root=/hda1 (or whatever, it's not on my
> screen right now), I get a message about reading past the end of the
> device . . . do I need to use a "linear" or "lba" argument
> somewhere?

Hmm, it's possible.  How big is your boot partition?

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