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Re: My keyboard is on steroids during installation, alas....

Mark Dickson <markwdickson@yahoo.ca> writes:

> one problem that I've found when I first attempted to
> install Debian in 1998 and now that I'm trying once
> again is what I call the "keyboard on steroids"
> problem.  Can you tell me if, when I begin
> installation,  can I have someone enter the command
> kbdrate -r 2 -d 2000
> to slow things down?

At what point in the install process?

I don't think we can easily add this to the installation system since
we don't include kbdrate at all in the rescue disk image IIRC.

We could add that if that is needed, at least on i386 where ther is
room --- see my question above.

>   A corollary to the ks problem
> is that, though manipulations to speed are possible
> in, say, KDE,  and even though your manipulations are
> remembered the next time that you're in KDE, THEY

Well, just install util-linux and make an init script to do this...

> I'm told that I can manipulate the kernel in boot
> floppy form, but I need information about where to
> begin.

Hmmm... Not that I'm aware of.  Maybe take a look at the Linux Kernel
Boot Prompt HOWTO.

> I'm physically disabled with a progressively
> degenerative neurological disorder.  3 years ago,  I
> encountered this problem and couldn't get it solved,
> so where can I get the necessary information?

Well, I can do my best, if the above doesn't help, if you explain more
exactly what the installation system needs to do.

> Oh, and by the way, has there been any progress on a voice
> recognition package for Debian that is open source?

Sory, I don't know.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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