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Re: SoundBlaster cdrom problems

Neil Shadrach <neil.shadrach@corryn.com> writes:

> Many moons ago I installed debian 2.0 on my 486 using floppies for the
> base system and an official cd for the packages.
> I've just tried to repeat the process with version 2.2. The base system
> is ok - from floppies, but I'm having trouble with the cd.
> I can mount it, wander the directories and even copy many of the files
> to the hard disk.
> However attempts to copy some files fail with i/o errors ( detail below
> ).
> The same is true under Windows 95.

Really?  Wait, you only get the errors when copying files from the
debian-cd, either under linux or windows, but in windows (or whatever)
you can copy other cds files around ok?  This would indicate a cd
problem.  I've cc'd debian-cd.

> I've not had any problems with other cds on the same box.
> On the other hand I've used the same cds to install debian on a
> different machine.
> Could it be some subtle change/new faeture in the cd format or is my
> machine just inconsistent?

> I think that the problems tend to occur with larger files but I haven't
> tested this exhaustively.

That would be my guess.  Subtle hardware problem which is triggered by
large files.  Do you have any settings you can twiddle?

> -----------
> sbp_data: CDi_status loop expired
> sbp_data: CDi_status timeout ( timed_out_data ) (FB)
> sbp_data: RESULT_READY where DATA_READY awaited (FB)
>                 DATA_READY timeout (FF)
>                 read aborted by drive
> !st_diskok detected - retrying
> !st_diskok detected - retrying
> !st_diskok detected - retrying
> sbp_status: failed after 3 tries in line 4897
> END_REQUEST: I/O ERROR, dev 19:00 ( matsushita cd-rom controller #1 ),
> sector 101782

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