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SoundBlaster cdrom problems

Many moons ago I installed debian 2.0 on my 486 using floppies for the
base system and an official cd for the packages.
I've just tried to repeat the process with version 2.2. The base system
is ok - from floppies, but I'm having trouble with the cd.
I can mount it, wander the directories and even copy many of the files
to the hard disk.
However attempts to copy some files fail with i/o errors ( detail below
The same is true under Windows 95.
I've not had any problems with other cds on the same box.
On the other hand I've used the same cds to install debian on a
different machine.
Could it be some subtle change/new faeture in the cd format or is my
machine just inconsistent?
I think that the problems tend to occur with larger files but I haven't
tested this exhaustively.
sbp_data: CDi_status loop expired
sbp_data: CDi_status timeout ( timed_out_data ) (FB)
sbp_data: RESULT_READY where DATA_READY awaited (FB)
                DATA_READY timeout (FF)
                read aborted by drive
!st_diskok detected - retrying
!st_diskok detected - retrying
!st_diskok detected - retrying
sbp_status: failed after 3 tries in line 4897
END_REQUEST: I/O ERROR, dev 19:00 ( matsushita cd-rom controller #1 ),
sector 101782

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