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Re: Boot problems with a QLogic ISP1020 card

Randy Gordner <randyg@tdl.com> writes:

> After hitting enter the install kernel start to load, when it starts to 
> probe for scsi controllers it throws up all over my QLogic ISP1020 card.
> The messages go by so fast I can't begin to tell you what they say.
> The screen is filled with all kinds of registers all over the screen when 
> the boot fails.

Sounds like kernel panic !

> I have tried an endless combination of boot arguments suggested by the 
> install program.
> The QLogic ISP1020 isn't listed in the F6 screen. I did try some of the 
> ideas put forth in the help screen.
> The kernel seems to identify the controller, I can see the name fly by as 
> the program fails.
> The error doesn't seem to change no matter what I do.
> I have even disconnected the scsi drives from the card, no change.

Are you using the vanilla flavor?  Have you tried the 'compact'

You'll have to file a bug against kernel-image-2.2.17-compact if that
doesn't work.  Hmmm. You need the CONFIG_SCSI_QLOGIC_ISP defined in
your kernel.  I'm not sure if that's included.... perhaps not.

Hope he can do something about it.  There are always limitations to
all the cards we can support on i386.  Another alternative may be to
replace the kernel -- see the Installation Manual for some notes about

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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