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Re: External install modules and compacted libc

On Fri, Sep 22, 2000 at 06:04:49PM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
[compacted libc problem]
> Yep, I've thought on it some before. There are two approaches I've come
> up with:
> 1) Basically, define a policy that thou shalt use only these libc
>    functions in an installer module. Anyone who needs a new function has
>    to get it into the policy.

That would be very error prone. Something along this line would be to 
compile a libc with everything optional switched off (I think this can be
done with glibc, right?) and make that available saying "it has to work
with this stripped libc".

> 2) Make sure all the installer modules are in a well-defined place in
>    the debian archive, and download them all and analyize them all for
>    library reduction. Each time a new version of a module is uploaded,
>    we may need to update the libc to make sure it supports the symbols
>    in it.

That would be better I think.

> The problem with 2 is it requires more work, and third parties who make
> installer modules have to consult some list still, except the list may
> change without warning..

For 2 I would expect third parties to make their own boot floppies.

> Including the libc with the modules doesn't seem any better than just
> statically linking the modules. Which I guess a third party could do in
> some situations in any case.

If the module comes on CD I see no problem with including the libc.


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