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External install modules and compacted libc

On Sat, Sep 16, 2000 at 12:36:56PM +1100, Glenn McGrath wrote:
> The way modules will work is that they should only be called (or loaded)
> if needed, so its not a matter of disabling any modules, just only
> calling the modules you need, this is the key to shrinking the installer
> to 1 boot disk (with everything else being fetched as required). There

I see a problem with the libc here. You know we are using a compact libc
for the current bootdisks with only so much in it as is needed by the
stuff in the root filesystem. If other modules will be available later
we might need more of libc. We either need to know the list of all 
modules which might get available or the external modules need to come
with their own libc (which is certainly doable, only wanted to 
put draw some attention to this problem).



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