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Re: Which task package installs gpm?

>>>>> "David" == David Starner <dvdeug@x8b4e516e.dhcp.okstate.edu> writes:

    David> Debian is not everything to everybody. If you want a graphical enviroment,
    David> it's on the task lists. A standard Debian system should not be bound by
    David> what Windows converts want.

 I wonder if the -tasks packages are really adequate.  Perhaps they
 can be, if they have a bunch of nice `debconf' stuff added to them?
 We need there to be a fully *working* out of the box setup after an
 install is done.  The -tasks packages right now are kind of a lazy
 cheap hack, IMHO.  More work needs to be done on that.

 Hey, what are "package pools" anyway?  (don't answer) I need to look
 that all up.  I missed that whole thread, but have seen in mentioned
 here and there.

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