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Re: zen and debconf

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Martin Keegan wrote:
> What is the scope of debconf? I thought it was just for packages. Is
> system configuration and host identification going to have to be shoehorned
> into it, or is it that debconf is just a clever mechanism for asking 
> questions in a pretty UI and doing something useful with the answers 
> (inserting them into the package configuration scripts)?

You may need to go back over a year in the debian-admintool archives to
get the whole story.

The general idea is to design a tool that can be used to configure any
aspect of a Debian system (and, preferably, any system) - configuring
packages was the first step, installing a system seems to be the next.

A full featured implementation would support config information spread
out over multiple DBs of any type in various physical locations, a
variety of UI options, and be capable of full manual or full auto

At least that is my understanding, gleaned from being an onlooker since
the start... the actual developers should feel free to contradict me.



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