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Re: redesigning the debian installer

> Have you looked at it again, or are you judging by my and others'
> comments?

I've looked at it again and tinkered with it a little bit. It didn't
really "detect" the hardware I have, but I think that's only because
their db is not very complete yet.

> My time is going to be somewhat limited in the next 2 months. I have a
> company move, a personal move, a conference (ALS) and a wisdom teeth
> extraction (ugh) scheduled. I would like to help where I can though, 
> esp. since I understand debconf pretty well..

wisdom teeth extraction .... ugh....

> FWIW, I wrote a usable core of debconf in about 3 weeks, and part of that 
> time was spent working out how it would work. Of course that was in perl. 
> And of course, a year of enhancing followed..

hopefully we'll be able to build on that so this won't take a year :-)

> I'd like to see perl debconf be able to use this as well -- it's a big
> missing piece in the debconf puzzle (as you well know). We should probably
> discuss that on the debconf mailing list.

assuming a c-debconf is finished, do you still think we'll have a
c-debconf and a perl-debconf? I'd think we'd want to eventually only
have one implementation....

i'll try to spend some time to come up with some more detailed interface
design descriptions in the next week or so for discussion, although i'll
actually be travelling for most of that time.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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