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Re: redesigning the debian installer

I like this scheme but I was kinda scratching my head wondering how
device autodetection would work.  I suppose that would just be a
package, say, libdetect, which when you run the configure step, would
emit information on possible network devices (including hopefully
capability to do null serial install, plip, as well as more
conventional network stuff), possible target devices, possible install
media, even possible "input" devices (normally console or fb or even X
or gecko perhaps, but also could be serial, or some automated system)?

Is this along the lines of your thinking?

The question would become how is this information emitted and what
protocol is established for other pkgs to use this.

Stepping back, is there any other systems (in Debian or in the wider
world) which use this sort of modular schema to drive a user
interface?  I'm a little worried that the structure of it might limit
what we can do ergonomically to make the user interface a nice

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