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Re: potato-installation

Daniela Kaminski <kaminsk@muenster.de> writes:

> I tried to install the debian gnu linux 2.2 "potato" on an old pentium
> mashine. I started with the rescue and the root floppy disk and the base
> sytem was installed from the cd-rom drive. After rebooting the system
> with the prepared boot floppy disk the base system was configured and I
> tried to install the packages. But suddenly the program couldn`t find
> the cd-rom drive and I got the message: "Too many levels of symbolic
> links." I logged in as root and tried to mount it by hand but I failed.
> The mistake is reproducable and I don`t know what to do.

Check that /dev/cdrom is a symlink -- probably to /dev/hdc or whatever
IDE or SCSI device represents your CD-ROM.  See kernel startup
messages for a clue on what that device is.

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