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Re: redesigning the debian installer

Erik Andersen wrote:
> I think this is brillant.

Gosh. Well, thanks. :-)

FWIW, I have been sort of stuck on how exactly the main menu would work
for about 3 months, and like a dam breaking it all finally came clear and
expressable (I guess) today. Thank goodness!

> This provides a wonderfully simple way of breaking
> things into chunks that can be fully groked by mere mortals, and easily
> verified to be obviously correct.  It also ensure that fixing one item doesn't
> break 10 other things by accident.  Very good idea.  This also means that the
> installer floppy only needs the Menu items needed to select an appropriate key
> mapping, select a user readable langage, and then set up networking or locate
> the cdrom drive.  All the other menu items can be downloaded and added
> dynamically...

You grok.

> Any proposed programing language for these modules?  C, sh, perl?

Perl is out, far too big. C is fine. Shell is ok if you limit yourself to
pure posix shell and are very careful about extra shell commands you use,
since each such command adds more size.

see shy jo

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