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Re: modprobe trying to load `nls_?' module while trying to mount Debian CDs

Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

> On Mon, Sep 11, 2000 at 04:21:50AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > > > Do you have the nls_? module in question it is trying to load?
> > > 
> > > No. That would be one quite awkwardly named module, too. :)
> > 
> > I meant, where you replace '?' with the rest of the module name.
> > Are you saying it literally is trying to load 'nls_?' ?
> Yes!

Ok.  Well that's very messed up.  I have no idea what happened there.
Since it happened during upgrade, however, I'm not sure what to tell
you -- a bug should be filed but I don't know where.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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