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Bug#71189: Potato Base2_2 bug

Package: base
Version: 2.2

During the first boot of a potato base installation on a UP1000
the clock configuration section tried to set the clock to 
GMT as I specified, but the year in the date string was 2020.
This is a bug that exists in SuSE 6.3 AXP as well, e.g. when 
installation is complete, all files are datestamped in the
year 2020 and need to be touched. I cancelled the clock setup
to avoid problems, especially clock skew alarms with "make".

This problem is very likely caused by the "hwclock" program
not recognising the UP1000 as a --funky-toy machine (please
see the hwclock manual). This also causes the date to be read
intermitently somewhere in the year 2200 on bootup, causing

This can be fixed by using the --funky-toy (-F) option when
calling hwclock anywhere. It also seems to be fixed if a kernel
can be compiled with "enhanced rtc support" resulting in a 
/proc/rtc file with correct date info. The maintainer of 
hwclock is aware of this and the next version will recognise
"Nautilus" as a --funky-toy machine.


Neoklis Kyriazis

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