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RE: newbie question concerning linux install

> > > Well, it's quite possible if he's got a 3rd-party IDE
> controller card,
> > > say for ATA/66 or ATA/100.
> >
> > Several of the new Asus MB's actually have four IDE devices
> built in.
> That's intriguing -- by "devices" I presume you mean "channels"?  (Two
> devices to a channel).  Are the 3rd and 4th channels only
> available via the
> PCI bus?  If not I smell serious IRQ shortage.

	As far as I know yes they are only available via PCI bus. They are set up
with the first two being ATA 100 and the others just ATA 33. We have gotten
them in at work and I have not had a chance to really take a look at them
yet, but it appears as if they are actually Promise controllers actually
built into the motherboard, as you have to set them up to boot as scsi in
the bios.
	Obviously, since I haven't had a chance to play with them much, I don't
know how well they will work under different OS's, but once I get a chance I
will post the info.

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