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Re: loony lilo looping

Malcolm, Forget what I said about mount points.  You can run into
problems with having them not match your fstab, but those can be fixed
by going into single user mode, fixing up your mounts, your fstab, and
your lilo.conf, and rerunning lilo.  They won't result in a bad map file
or keep you from booting.  It's the partition names, e.g., /dev/hda3,
that count because that's what's translated into BIOS calls when the
map file is built.

I think you've given enough information to determine the problem.
It appears that drive 0x83 is indeed not known to your BIOS, so the map
has references to that drive that the BIOS can't resolve at boot time.
The MBR is on 0x80 which works (first stage loader), then boot.b, which
has the second stage loader, on 0x83, isn't found.  That means it won't
find your kernel either.

Can your put your kernel and boot.b on 0x80 (first IDE drive)?  BTW,
where's the map file saved?  If it's in /boot (on 0x83), you may have
to move it, too.

If you can't, can you put them on your second IDE drive?  I know you
said it's not known to the BIOS, but it's probably 0x81 which probably
really is known by the BIOS.  I'm not sure how the drives are mapped,
we know 0x80 is the first IDE drive and 0x83 is the second SCSI.  But if
the second IDE isn't 0x81, then it's the first SCSI.  (I don't have a
mixed IDE/SCSI system so I can't check this right now.)  In any case,
whichever drive is 0x81 is probably known to the BIOS and could be a
candidate for use if 0x80 can't be used.



Steve Bowman  <sbowman@frostwork.net> (preferred)
Buckeye, AZ   <sbowman@goodnet.com> <bowmanc@acm.org>

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