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Re: loony lilo looping

On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 11:21:58PM -0400, Malcolm Beaulieu wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> 	I am running Debian 2.2 on an AMD K6-2 400 dual boot
> system.  Things have been great until I tried to recompile my kernel
> (2.2.15) to include PPP support.  Everything appeared to compile fine but
> I was rushing through things and rather then putting the new one in /boot/
> and then linking to it from /vmlinuz, I just copied the new one to
> /vmlinuz (and yes, everything was backed up).  So here comes the fun
> part...  I then rebooted, everything was the same.  Realized that I forgot
> to run lilo, did it and rebooted.  Rather then getting the "LILO:" prompt,
> I got 'L' and then a constant looping of " 01" over and over

The lilo manual says this means that the first stage boot loader can't
load the second stage boot loader.  The 01 is the disk error code.
The following is excerpted from the manual:

0x01 "Illegal command".  This shouldn't happen, but if it does, it may
indicate an attempt to access a disk which is not supported by the BIOS.
See also "Warning: BIOS drive 0x<number> may not be accessible in section

Looking there (warnings section), this says that most BIOS version
only support ... two hard disks, files located on additional disks may
be inaccessible.  This warning indicates that some kernels or even the
whole system may be unbootable.

Did you put your kernel on a third or fourth drive?  Did you get a
warning when you ran lilo?  (Did you ignore it? :))

> again.  Booted off the installation disk, realized the mistake I made with
> the link but didn't think that much of it since it probably doesn't matter
> if vmlinuz is the kernel or a link to it.  I then put the files back as

It matters if /boot and / aren't the same drive or partition.

> they were and changed lilo. conf to what it was, ran lilo, and the same
> thing happened.  Put the kernel on the floppy and it booted so after much

Are you sure lilo.conf matched the current location of kernel(s)?
Running lilo when you're booted from the floppy is iffy if you're using
ramdisk or such.  You need to have / be your hard disk / when lilo is
run or it will build an unusable map file.  Actually it may be /boot
instead of /, wherever you kernel referenced in lilo lives.  You also
need to pay attention to the partitions identified by your boot and root
settings in lilo.conf which also need to match your actual mounts at the
time you run lilo so the boot stages, the partition boot record and the
MBR, if used, are all correctly referenced in the map file.

> fiddling, I have determined that somehow i have screwed up lilo.  I've
> looked at the lilo mini how to and the lilo crash whatever how to but have

Read the lilo manual, it has much more information that you need than
the mini HOWTO....  If you can get booted to see it.  Does anyone have
a pointer to a web location of Manual.txt.gz?  I didn't see it at LDP
but didn't search too hard.

> had no luck.  even trying to dig through the list archives.  I can provide
> any other info that may be needed.  I've recompiled the kernel before but
> haven't ran into trouble with lilo like this.  Thanx in advance for any
> help.
> -Malcolm
> PS - please reply directly as I am not on the list.  Thanx!
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