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Re: still-extant potato boot problems (kmod/runany modprobe loop)

Martin Schulze <joey@finlandia.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

> This is the proper list, I'm forwarding.

> > Are there any fixes (or even diagnoses) yet for the following problem?
> > Has anyone else even seen these symptoms?

> > Earlier I reported a problem with installing potato (from scratch)
> > and getting errors at boot time like:
> > 
> >    kmod: runaway modprobe loop assumed and stopped

I've never seen that.

> > and many occurrences of:
> > 
> >    modprobe: modprobe: Can't open dependencies files /lib/modules/2.2.17/modules.dep (No such file or directory)

Joey seem to indicate he had already made a fix in CVS for this -- is
that so?  

Is this problem preventing installation or just annoying?

You can probably work around it by running 'depmod -a' on the cmdline.

> > (Note that those errors were from booting the installation boot 
> > diskettes (rescue.bin/root.bit).  Specifically, it was from 
> > before I had a chance to make any choices or affect anything.)

Oh -- so they are just pretty much cosmetically annoying.

I don't know why, in rootdisk.sh, we couldn't run 'depmod -a' chrooted
in the new file system prior to making the drivers floppy or floppies.

I am loath to touch this though since it often breaks.

> > I thought I'd try getting to potato by upgrading (a clone of) my 
> > slink system.  The upgrade went pretty well (well, I accidentally
> > upgraded the original instead of the clone, but the clone seems
> > to be working fine) until I installed the 2.2.17 kernel and rebooted.  
> > Those boot-time errors returned.

Ah, hum.  The loop bug you mentioned looks like a kernel bug.  Can you
file a bug against kernel-image-2.2.16[-flavor] where flavor is
(optionally) the kernel flavor you are using? 

> > I also started getting a bunch of other errors, such as:
> > 
> >    - "modprobe: Can't locate module xxx"
> >      (at bootup; for roughly half of the modules)

Use depmod (see the man page) to check dependancies and locatable

If you are having a problem with the modules themselves, file bugs
against kernel-image.  If the modules were simply placed in the wrong
place by the potato boot-floppies, file a bug here.

> >    - "start ppp0: SIOCSIFMETRIC: Operation not supported"
> >      (asynchonously, after something had triggered diald)

Kernel issue.

> >    - "Use of setserial/setrocket to set SPD_* flags is deprecated"
> >      (asynchonously)
> > 
> >    - something like "xmit when interface down"
> >      (asynchonously)

ditto ditto

> >    - (I can't even ping the other end of my diald's PPP connection 
> >       (I used the numeric IP address logged by pppd when it
> >       connected).)

You are having serial / ppp problems and we cannot help you here.

Are you on i386?  If so, try debian-user@lists.debian.org.  Otherwise,
try debian-<arch>@lists.debian.org.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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