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Release Notes (Re: Stuff to do before release)

On Thu, 10 Aug 2000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Also, if there are any changes (bug fixes, updated docs, etc) to the
> release notes, they'll need to be uploaded by the same time. Josip (who's
> been doing this up 'til now) is away, so someone else will have to handle
> this. Adam? Anne?

I've spent the last ~2 days getting home from my relatively-well-net-connected
vacation spot. I didn't have time to examine postings to -doc/-testing and
merge them in the release notes (until now I supposed Josip would've been
doing that) and I won't have time to do that before your deadline -- which I
suppose is in a few hours time. I could possibly give it some attention
tomorrow, if you want. 

Besides, while I can commit changes to the release-notes SGML source in the
boot-floppies CVS, I'm not able to produce all formats (txt,html,ps,pdf,...) 
for all arch'es because I not only lack the experience but also the potato box
it "has" to be done on. Basically all "someone" would have to do is pull the
entire boot-floppies stuff from (anonymous) CVS and issue the proper make
commando(s?) -- but don't ask me which one(s). Anyone from -boot more info on

  Anne Bezemer

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