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Partition file support

In ARM-land there's a to-be popular method of avoiding partitioning your
drive (most of the users wouldn't ever manage it, and there are no resize
utilities): create a 200MB (or whatever) raw file, sitting somewhere on
your ADFS-partitioned drive (i.e. wierdo Acorn/ARM/RISC OS filesystem
format), and then boot Linux with root=/dev/hdweirdoacornpartition,
whereupon Linux then loopback-mounts this 200MB file (in ext2fs format)
as your root partition, and you get a proper filesystem.

The problem is, I need to make boot-floppies somehow be able to scan the
native-format partitions for these ext2fs partition files, and somehow
list them in the list of partitions that you can mke2fs and install onto.

Is there any support for this sort of thing already, or how would I go
about doing it?


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