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loadlin bugreport

I can't reproduce this myself due to lack of machines with windows,
so I didn't want to file a bugreport.

I've been told that starting the potato install using loadlin as
documented in the installation manual doesn't work. The procedure
they used is:

1. copy linux, loadlin.exe and root.bin (from the images-1.22
directory since it's impossible to copy an 1.44Mb image to a disk)
to a DOS partition

2. Boot the machine in DOS

3. Run loadlin linux root=/dev/ram initrd=root.bin filesize=1.22

This gives you: Can't find a valid ramdisk

Writing root.bin to a floppy directly doesn't work since loadlin
doesn't support initrd=/dev/fd0 .

Booting the machine from floppy doesn't work for some reason, so
we're somewhat stuck now :(


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