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Re: [woody,debinst]

Wookey wrote:
> Some of you may be aware that emdebian.org has been created to generate a
> debian-allied embedded linux distibution. My area of interest is ARM
> devices, and a lot of the potential platforms are handheld/embdedded
> devices (4Mb flash, 32Mb RAM, 100Mhz Strongarm, LCD+touchscreen, no hard
> disk, no keyboard, or even 'smaller'), as opposed to desktops (10Gb+ HD,
> 32Mb+ ram, kdb, mouse, fast CPU, lots of devices etc). The variability
> amongst devices is much greater than desktop machines which makes
> designing installers 'interesting' as you really don't know what devices
> they will have. Some have nothing but a serial or USB port and some RAM.
> I think that's enough for now. Please try to bear in mind these sorts of
> things when considering the design. Talk to the emdebian people if you
> need more info (cc:ed to the emdebian list). I can try to provide
> relevant info as the project progresses, but if the prime movers really
> don't want to cover non-desktop machines then say so, and I'll shut up
> about it.
> Wookey
> --

Personally i thinks its a worthy challenge to reduce the installer size
as much as possible, i think we could get the install itself to be small
enough, its more a question of deciding what is going to be installed.

So, on your strongarm you only have 4MB of permenant storage ?

What sort of applications do you use on it?

Maybe the way to go for really tight situations like that is to generate
an image on another machine. That way you can have regualar tools around
to creat the image, you could remove docs and other non-exential things

Then installing could be just moving moving the image onto your
permanent storage, however you do that...

You would have to have access to a desktop machine though, how do you
presently do it?

I assume you use compression on your perm. storage.


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