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building i18ned docs

I have just finished translating release-notes to Polish and tried to build
the docs. Here are some things that are not clear to me:

 - how can I make Polish docs visible at the web site? Do I need to provide
them myself, or will they be made by appropiate person/cron script? If they
will be made with all the other docs, then we need patched version of
debiandoc-sgml in potato, don't we? If so, then should I file an RC bug
against it?

 - what about index.en.html.m4 ?

First of all documentation/Makefile there is

TARGETDOCS := index.en.html

And the rule for index begins with

index$(DESTEXT).html: index$(DESTEXT).html.m4; m4 \

Which causes:

make uni-docs
make -C documentation all KVER="2.2.17" ALTKVER="" utillinux=""
	amigafdisk="" atarifdisk="" macfdisk="" pmacfdiskcross=""
make[1]: Entering directory [...]/documentation'
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `index.en.html', needed by `all'. 

when lingua is set to pl

So either index.en.html should be translated and TARGETDOCS definition
should contain index$(DESTEXT).html, or there should not be such thing as
"index$(DESTEXT).html" at all in the Makefile.


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