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Re: tasksel problem

> Gah, this is really nasty. Suppose you want to have a task package that
> provides a mail server. This is hypothetically possible, I can think of
> a couple of reasons like task-laptop might want to set you up with some
> trivial mail server. 
> So tasksel runs, and because it was passed -i, it goes and marks all
> important packages for install with dpkg --set-selections. This includes
> exim. It also marks your task for install, of course.
> Then it goes and runs apt-get -f. Apt wakes up, looks around, notices two
> conflicting mail servers are marked for install. Notices exim is Important
> and is depended on by a load of other stuff. Pre-emptively decides not to
> install the other mail server.
> I've tried everything. I made the task package Important, even Essential.
> I made it conflict with exim. I made it provide exim. No matter what I
> do, apt always decides exim is more important and installs it.
> Of course the fix is echo "exim deinstall" |dpkg --set-selections, but a
> task package can't make that happen.
> Any thoughts, besides don't pass -i to tasksel?
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> see shy jo
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One solution would be not tagging exim as important package. The mail server
is a personal choice and each administrator should be free to choose his
preferred package. Forcing exim installation seems a bit fascist to me.

Whenever I install a potato system I have to deinstall exim and install
sendmail manually. Besides having to install a lot of missing packages,
for example gpm, nfs, traceroute, apache, dpkg-www, this is very annoying.

Maybe we could mark the mail-transport-agent virtual package as important
and let the user or apt decide which real package is installed.

Another solution would be having the possibility to load a user defined
package selection list after tasksel has done its job. Here exim could be
marked for deinstallation and another mta selected instead.

The tasksel behaviour is very annoying on this point. There is no way for
the user to add more packages to the tasksel selection list. I have such a
list on a floppy but can't load it until the installation is completed.

Can we add to the tasksel postinst a prompt for loading a user package list
from a file?

Massimo Dal Zotto

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