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How to install from another Linux installation?

The potato installation manual does not cover a procedure that
would be useful: viz., the installation of potato from another
Linux installation.  It ought to be possible to put the Debian
kernel and base system (etc.) on a partition, reinstall lilo so
that it sees the new kernel, and reboot into the installation
program.  The manual does cover the use of a Linux partition
as the source for the base system and drivers, but assumes that
a floppy will be used for booting.

(BTW: as it is now, section 6 of the installation manual is 
quite confusing to the newbie when it talks about 
different methods of installing and booting.  The two 
ought to be more clearly separated.  It is possible to 
install (in part) from a FAT partition and to boot from DOS;
and it is possible (in part) to install from an ext2 partition
and to boot from a Linux floppy; but it is not possible to
install from an ext2 partition and to boot from Linux
running off a partition.  My suggestion is that it be made
possible to install *fully* from an ext2 partition, so 
that the installed Debian partition can itself be booted.)

Thomas Hood

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