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Re: need major help- RESCUE and ROOT disks

Hey there, 

how is everybody doing. I shall now explain my situation in a better
way.  I need to make some rescue disks with my kernel with its root disk
(so when i use them i get some mini distro in ram ).  Once I reach that
staage.  I want to be able to mount my reisefs partitions / ext2
partitions etc.   I need to do this because then i can do clear mounting
, formatting,  download system backups from local intranet ftp server etc.  

I have tried everything. I read the bootdisk howto (followed that),  i
even did copying kernel to normal debian disks.  The problem is i get the
kernel working but when it asksfor root disk ... things dont work.  It
says kernelpanic etc.

I use kernel 2.4.0test2-ac2 with reiserfs patch. .  I have ramdisk option
with rams size to 8192KB from default 4096KB and initrd option also
enabled.  Now I don't know are my rescue disks bad or root disks bad ...so
its very frustrating.  

I would really appreciate if someone told me on how to do this exactly
(step by step) from making a rescue disk and a rootfs disk

I even tried YARD no luck with that.  

I have spent more than 2 weeks on this...I am not getting any luck.

thank you 


My kernel is 733KB (recommend one) I think I can scale it down little bit
more if needed.

thanks again

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