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need major help- RESCUE and ROOT disks


How is everyone doing. I really need some help.  I need to make custom
rescue and root disks for my systems with my specific kernel
(2.4.0-test2-ac2).  I have tried so many ways and I have not reached any
success.  I read the bootdisk howto , yard etc . I have no luck.  If
someone can help with steps on how to make it. (I even tried to put my new
kernel in debian rescue disks and nothing happened).  I would really
appreciate if someone can tell the perfect way to do it . I have been
trying for more than 2 weeks. So any help is appreciated.

thank you


(i need something which makes the root partition to go on ramdisk etc
something along those lines ...what debian rescue and root disks do ..like
that thanks)

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