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Re: possible to unify some m68k docs ?

On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 03:01:04PM -0600, Bruce Sass wrote:
> >   http://www.debian.org/~holgate/m68k-quick-install/sgml-source.tgz
> I don't think this is the most recent version.  The file has a timestamp
> for July 2, the most recent updates in CVS for the text versions of
> these is anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days ago.  The stuff
I checked in a few grammatical corrections from a user. Nick, can you merge
them in? I applyed Russelss two dfiss (mac+amiga).  
> in m68k-specials was generated from this SGML, right?
No, um, more the other way round. We used to have only the text versions,
Nick merged them all into one sgml file. I added the corrections only to
CVS, you might be able to use the diff to upgrade the sgml, though the
sgml2txt output is still slightly different from our text file (minor layout
differences I think).
> Merging this stuff into the installation manual would mean splitting it
> up and scattering it around, defeating the purpose of having a quick
> install doc.  It would probably be best to incorporate the sgml into the
> build process (generating .txt, .html. and .pdf(?) files), then make
> reference to it in the installation manual (downloadable as .txt and
> .pdf, linked to for the web based .html version).
I think (did not read the installation manual too closely) that the m68k
quickinstalls mimick great parts of the installation manual. Your idea
sounds good anyway, leave the quickinstall, maybe shorted it in parts and
point to the installation manual, and update the m68k specifica in the
installation manual according to the quickinstall.
If thats too much, I would not mind to drop the quickinstall (after potato)
when m68k is fully integrated.

> job it is (I expect I will have piles of questions and will need to wait
> for answers, it would be faster if someone intimately familiar with an
> arch did this step).
It would be faster if someone with sgml _and_ m68k knowledge _and_ spare
time would do it. Unfortunately, I don't see such a someone. You can ask
questions here (I read this list), on debian-68k (might give contradicting
answers from the users) or at m68k-build@nocrew.org to reach the m68k
But as I said before, I do not thing much has to be integrated in the
installation manual. We do not have 720k disks anymore, we are now using the
2.2.10 kernel, mac uses a newer Penguin (18 instead of 17) which has changed
(improved?) a little, the AmigaOS dmesg tool is now included.
I don't see anything else that would have changed, m68k machines are dead
since at least 5 years, why should anything still change?


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