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Re: possible to unify some m68k docs ?

On 5 Jul 2000, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Do you have time to merge this stuff (which is the same as in
> m68k-specials) into the main install manual?

Ya, but not 'til the weekend.

>   http://www.debian.org/~holgate/m68k-quick-install/sgml-source.tgz

I don't think this is the most recent version.  The file has a timestamp
for July 2, the most recent updates in CVS for the text versions of
these is anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days ago.  The stuff
in m68k-specials was generated from this SGML, right?

> Most important stuff is the corrections.  As I understand it, the
> above also includes some "quickstart" stuff which sounds really nice
> and all arches should have, but you could add that as condition to
> m68k only for now.
> Thoughts?

Merging this stuff into the installation manual would mean splitting it
up and scattering it around, defeating the purpose of having a quick
install doc.  It would probably be best to incorporate the sgml into the
build process (generating .txt, .html. and .pdf(?) files), then make
reference to it in the installation manual (downloadable as .txt and
.pdf, linked to for the web based .html version).

The fastest way to get this stuff into the installation manual is to use
the {<arch>,<sub-arch>}-install-{docs,files} entities defined in
defaults.ent.  These entities should be looked at by the maintainers for
each arch to ensure they are useful (i.e., contain <url>'s for the right
stuff); I created them when ensuring that every file in .../disks-<arch>
had an entity defined that included a <url> for that file, categorizing
them seemed like the thing to do even though I knew it was not perfect.

Unless I am told otherwise, this is what I will do...  Add a section to
the installation manual that references the quick install docs, making
note that they are most likely more accurate than the main installation
manual when it comes to specific steps that must be taken to install
Debian on a given architecture.  I'll generate a diff and post it to
-boot (commit early, commit often, eh).  I will then start editing the
installation manual to fix any discrepancies between it and the quick
install docs, that may take awhile depending on how straight forward a
job it is (I expect I will have piles of questions and will need to wait
for answers, it would be faster if someone intimately familiar with an
arch did this step).



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